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Research on the Strategy of Improving the Ability of Scientific Research in Private Universities

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.012


Fangchun Chi

Corresponding Author

Fangchun Chi


The shortcomings of scientific research are undoubtedly the bottleneck of applying for doctoral programs in private universities. The constraints on the improvement of scientific research capacity of private universities are time-critical, the application for doctoral programs is improved, and the competition for outstanding innovative talents is intensifying. The strategies to enhance scientific research capabilities include reserve strong strategy, excellent innovation strategy, collaborative innovation strategy, long-term strategy, capital-driven strategy and institutional innovation strategy. With a master's degree, the private high-correction seizes the opportunity to try to rank among the top private universities in China. The existing literature has reached a consensus on the importance of scientific research in private universities [1], and has considered related issues [2]. Relevant research systems have analyzed research platforms [3], research quality improvement mechanisms [4], academic papers [5], scientific research competitiveness [6], scientific research output, improvement strategies [7], including research funding [8]. The scientific research management [9-10] and other issues have basically clarified the status of research work in private universities [11], existing problems and strategies [12-17]. Among them, the issue of improving the scientific research ability of private universities [18-19] has been highly concerned. This paper intends to apply for the doctoral program as a goal, and to explore in depth the strategies for improving the scientific research ability of private universities.


Apply for a doctorate; Private University; Research ability; Promotion strategy