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The Influence of Ideological and Political Education on Students' Values under the Information Environment

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.009


Congrong Dai

Corresponding Author

Congrong Dai


Ideological and political education is the primary content of China's spiritual civilization construction and one of the main ways to solve social contradictions and problems. Values are cognition, understanding, judgment or choice based on a certain sense of thinking of a person. That is, a kind of thinking or orientation in which people recognize things and justify right and wrong, thus reflecting the certain value of people, things and things. Or role; in class society, different classes have different values. In colleges and universities, ideological and political education, as an important tool for the cultivation of students' values, has received extensive attention from educators. This paper compares the influence of ideological and political education on students' values in the information environment through questionnaires and other methods. Studies have shown that the impact of ideological and political education on values in an information-based environment is positive to a certain extent, mainly because the influence of students' wider contact on values is positive.


Ideological and political education; Values; Information