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Application of Mind Mapping in English Teaching

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.008


Juling Zhang

Corresponding Author

Juling Zhang


Mind mapping is a visual tool for knowledge representation and a method for concretizing radioactive thinking. Since the introduction of mind mapping into the field of education, it has had a positive impact in the process of education and teaching. At present, English teaching has a large vocabulary and information, a complex grammar structure, a large amount of text reading and a variety of writing styles, which pose great challenges to teachers and students. Mind mapping, in the form of visualization, effectively organizes and establishes the organic relationship between English knowledge, grasps the overall structure of knowledge, and promotes and stimulates students' interest in English learning. Based on this, this paper studies and analyses the current research status of mind mapping at home and abroad, and the application of mind mapping in English teaching. According to mind mapping and instructional design theory, this paper proposes a high school English teaching design model based on mind mapping.


Mind Mapping; English Teaching; Questionnaire Survey