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Analysis on the Crossover Marketing Strategies of the Palace Museum from the Perspective of Co-Creation Experiences

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.004


Gang Deng and Linglin Xu

Corresponding Author

Linglin Xu


In the era of e-commerce, consumers have more abundant and convenient choices. Only by providing more value to consumers can enterprises win the market. Because crossover marketing can increase brand value and enrich brand connotation, it has become a new trend for enterprises to develop marketing cooperation. However, the fact is that there are not many related studies on crossover marketing. This paper studied the crossover marketing strategies applied by the Palace Museum and, from the perspective of co-creation experiences, analyzed the strategies in three aspects: information experiences, entertainment experiences and relationship experiences, aiming at obtaining certain inspirations to provide guidance and references for enterprise practices.


Crossover Marketing; Co-Creation Experiences; Cultural and Creational Products of the Palace Museum; Inspirations