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The Construction of “Six-in-one” Teaching Ability Promotion System for College Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/sser.2019.001


Ruihua Mu, Bin Liu, Wei Chang, Jia He and Jing Yang

Corresponding Author

Ruihua Mu


Teaching quality is the guarantee of the development of higher education, and curriculum is the main force of teaching quality. Teachers’ teaching ability is the “weapon” to improve teaching quality and it directly determines the quality of teaching effect. Besides, it will have a far-reaching impact on the future development of College students. Based on the development of teachers themselves, a systematic mechanism to improve teachers’ teaching ability is established in this paper. A “Six-in-one” system for improving teachers’ teaching ability in Colleges and universities is proposed and it is composed of “teaching incentive mechanism”, “teacher training system”, “teaching evaluation system”, “teaching assessment system”, “teaching training system” and “teaching development support”. In conclusion, the system may benefit for all teachers in colleges and universities and its application is hopeful to promote the development of higher education in China. To a certain extent, the research results may provide some reference value for the teaching way of 《analytical chemistry experiments》 course in other colleges and universities.


Teaching quality; Improvement of teaching ability; Six-in-one