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The Application of Cooperative Principle in Business Interpreting

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.073


Hui Wang

Corresponding Author

Hui Wang


With the continuous development of economic globalization, the world has gradually become a whole. With the continuous improvement of China's international status, the cooperation between China and the world is getting closer and closer. After China's accession to the WTO, with high frequently globalization is developing fast, the international business activities. In international business activities, Business English interpretation is a special form of communication, interpretation plays an important role as a bridge among countries. In order to ensure the communication between countries and to achieve the smallest error, the success or failure of business English interpretation will directly affect the international exchanges and cooperation, and the interpreter's ability to respond to the scene is also facing a big challenge. The cooperative principle of this paper is put forward by Grice, an American philosopher of language. The four principles contained in the cooperative principle play an important role in the process of communication. This article will take this as the starting point, combine the cooperative principle and the commercial speech, discuss the application of the cooperative principle theory in the commercial speech, and apply the four principles of cooperative principle to the interpretation.


Business interpreting; Cooperative principle; Commercial speech