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An Analysis on the Application of Positive Language in Amazon Customer Service English

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.072


Wang Ning

Corresponding Author

Wang Ning


The rise of E-commerce has made online shopping a mainstream for people’s consumption. The quality of customer service has become important for business companies to achieve their competitive advantages. This thesis carries out a research on the effective communication skills of positive language, taking Amazon customer service as the research target and positive language as the theoretical basis. The paper uses the methods of literature research and case study, together with discourse analysis to finish the research. The main body of the thesis takes consideration of Amazon’s pre-sale, on sale and after sale cases and aims to figure out the application and validity of the positive language in customer service English. It makes a deep analysis on the application of positive language in customer service English. Additionally, through this study, the author aims to provide some corresponding application strategies related to positive language usage in customer service, and put forward solutions for Amazon Customer Service to solve common problems in the aspects of positive language when they provide services.


Positive language; customer service; English; Amazon