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Reading Henry of A Farewell to Arms

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.071


Lihong Li

Corresponding Author

Lihong Li


Henry is a typical Hemingway hero, who bears the meaning of bravery, love, violence, beauty, coolness and death. Like many young people of his generation, he volunteered to serve in wars with dream to find adventure to prove his manhood, to “save the world democracy”, “la Belly France”, or “classical Italy.” But when he experienced the war, he was shocked by the chaotic butchery warfare. He saw with his own eyes an entire world of ethical, moral and political values shattered in the war, and he completely disappointed with the whole world and the warfare. Then he thought, he grew, he matured and his ways of thinking and doing is shaped by the war. He became a real Hemingway hero. He is created by the war.


Hemingway hero; War; Henry