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Study on the influencing factors of fitness between shawl collar and face shape

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.070


Shurong Hu, Qinqin Huang and Zheng Liu

Corresponding Author

Shurong Hu


In order to improve the fit degree of the shawl collar and the human face type, the combination method such as eye tracker experiment, questionnaire survey and virtual fitting evaluation were used to analyze the influencing factors of the effect on different face type wearing shawl collar. The result of eye tracker test and the verification evaluation showed that the main factors affecting the fit of the face type and the shawl collar were the aspect ratio of the frontal projection of the neck shape, the width of the collar, and the height of the lapel point. When the shape of the shawl collar was more prominent in the whole garment, the curvature of the shawl collar outer contour affected the shape of the garment significantly.


Shawl collar; face type; fit degree; eye tracker