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Motion Event Framing in Fu’an Chinese: An Empirical Study

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.060


Wenwen Hu

Corresponding Author

Wenwen Hu


The framing typology of motion events focuses on how languages fall under the categories: Talmy’s satellite-/verb-framing dichotomy and Slobin’s satellite-/verb-/equipollently- framing trichotomy. The present study is an empirical attempt to investigate the event framing typology of Fu’an, an Eastern Min Chinese, through exploring the characteristic expressions of motion events in its spoken discourse collected. The analysis concentrates on the patterns of main verb constructions in the clauses. Evidence shows that Fu’an Chinese falls under the category of satellite-framed languages in general, but it manifests the features of verb-framed languages and equipollently-framed languages as well.


Motion event; framing; typology; Fu’an Chinese