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The development and innovation of Chinese Guzheng playing techniques

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DOI: 10.25236/iclla.2017.07


Qu Mingming

Corresponding Author

Qu Mingming


Guzheng is one of Chinese traditional Musical Instruments, in schools and local characteristics are distinct. On the one hand, contemporary inherited the art of the traditional Guzheng playing the Guzheng, on the other hand, to achieve innovation basis on the inheritance. At the same time, also has carried on the reference to some other instruments, is of great help to play the Guzheng, and implements the Guzheng playing technique development and innovation. In this paper, the representative of Guzheng playing techniques are analyzed, and pointed out the Guzheng playing techniques in that part of the inheritance and innovation in the development of parts.


Guzheng, playing, techniques, development and innovation.