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Innovative Design Performance of Creative Fonts in Posters―Take Dance Play Poster "The Rite of Spring•Jī "as an example

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.039


Feng Wenyuan

Corresponding Author

Feng Wenyuan


The poster design of The Rite of Spring•Jī is based on the theme of Yangzhixiao's dance drama of the same name. It uses text creativity as the main line, and also directly expresses the idea of the work. The graphical design of the text design is based on the specific content of the text, using a rich imagination and emotional concepts to flexibly reorganize the glyphs. The design of the Rite of Spring•Jī Poster poster uses the creative design form expressed by the text to record the language in different forms. It consists of three elements: "pronunciation", "shape", and "ideographic". It achieves the best collocation of text and graphics, and jointly undertakes the task of content expression and emotional expression. Through the emotional narrative of the typeface creation, the creative form expresses the tangible cohesion of the word meaning and the intangible spiritual sustenance. The arrangement skills in the graphic design space reach the realm of knowledge more than speech, and the word table restores knowledge. The Rite of Spring•Jī series posters are created by the dance director Yangzhixiao's original dance drama of the same name. The entire work is based on the use of text creative arrangement as the main body, through the text creative arrangement to express the idea of the work. In the creative concept of the work, the creative model that pursues diversity and diversity is not only a pattern of graphics and text design, but also draws on the principle of Kandinsky's design composition, and cleverly uses the most basic elements in the work: points, lines, surface, The three are integrated into the poster works, and instead seek points, lines, and faces to explore innovative design concepts for their own language. With the development of the times and the progress of aesthetics, people began to make new forms of changes and creations in the text, and gave them different forms and postures. These are particularly reflected in the poster design.


Rite of Spring; Jī; Creative font; Poster Design