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Chinese Contemporary Academy Dance Drama Perspective——Start with the dance dramas "The Bronze Sparrow", "The Swan Lake" and "The Fifth Golden Flower"

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.038


Yang Zhixiao

Corresponding Author

Yang Zhixiao


Based on Chinese contemporary academic dance drama, this article cuts in from three perspectives: First, this paper analyzes the choice of dance drama from the perspective of professional dancers, and discusses its form features and cultural contributions from multiple perspectives. And the enlightenment and warning effect on Chinese dance ecology; Second, from the perspective of the academic school, the perspective of professional dancers 'survival. The main creation of the academic dance drama is both the director and the teacher. The state of being a two-job makes them have more academic pursuits and deep humanistic thinking, so they can reflect the professional dancers. The current situation of survival; The third is to take three contemporary Chinese dance dramas as an example and make a comparative analysis. Each of them reflects the existence of Chinese professional dancers from different levels and the current Chinese dance ecology, which has a certain practical significance.


Chinese contemporary dance drama; Academia; Professional dancer