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Corresponding Aesthetics in the Artistic Spirit-Based on the Study of Emannel Swedenborg's Theological Aesthetics

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.035


Zhang Aixin

Corresponding Author

Zhang Aixin


The existence of contemporary art has its reasons, but also the trend of historical development. At present, modern and contemporary art is completely Kant ideological and artistic practice. However, the disaster of Kant's ideological and artistic practice and its non-belief dimension have eroded this artistic kingdom, which Greenberg calls "pure artistic spirit". Only the corresponding aesthetic light of Emannel Swedenborg shines in the art of chaos. Few people know that the roots of Kandinsky's ideas lie in the writings of the Swedenborg mystics. In particular, the key doctrine of Swedenborg is both divine injection and spiritual and material correspondence. Therefore, contemporary art should be self-redeemed and should have these three dimensions: first, contemporary art is to give up all worldly associations. Second, contemporary art is the harmony of soul, spirit and body. Third, the life of contemporary art is love. I regard the above views as the "treasure book" of contemporary art. If a man believes in spiritual destiny, he must act in this world in the light of this faith. In religion, moral behavior determines the spiritual destiny. The function of art is to help us transition from time to eternity, so contemporary art is not excluded.


Contemporary art; Kant; Greenberg; Kandinsky; Emannel Swedenborg; Sacred inject; Corresponding Aesthetics