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Learning Purposes, Learning Environment and Chinese Learning Effect of International Students in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.033


Jinfeng Li

Corresponding Author

Jinfeng Li


This paper takes the 2011-2015 grade students of a university in Guangzhou as a sample. An OLS model is established to analyze the effects of learning purposes and learning environment on Chinese learning. Results show that: (1) Learning purposes have different significant effects on Chinese learning. Students who want to engage in Chinese-related work or understand Chinese culture after graduation, have better learning effect. The more the pressure from their parents to study, the worse the effect of Chinese learning. (2) Learning environment plays an active role in learning effect, and adjusts the effect of learning purpose on learning effect. Teaching level, scholarship and attendance frequency can effectively promote international students’ Chinese learning effect. (3) Female students, or students coming from Asian or obtaining high HSK level, have better Chinese learning effect.


Learning purposes; learning environment; Chinese learning; Learning effect