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Chinese Culture Communication in College English Classroom

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.028


Bing He

Corresponding Author

Bing He


The " Chinese culture going out " and "telling Chinese stories well " reflect the new cultural strategy and new opportunities in the era of globalization and informatization. In this context, College English teaching should not only import Western cultural knowledge into the classroom, but also carry a certain task of disseminating Chinese culture. Therefore, students can learn to express our own culture in English. It is feasible to integrate our excellent traditional cultural knowledge into English classroom teaching and cultivate students’ awareness of Chinese cultural communication. Paying attention to the import of western culture and the export of Chinese culture to students, and improving the cultural communication literacy of college students are conducive to overcome Chinese cultural aphasia, promoting the external dissemination of Chinese culture and achieving cross-cultural exchanges.


College English Classroom; Chinese Culture; External Communication