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Review on Ecological Aesthetics Theory of Landscape Design in China

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.025


Guo Yang

Corresponding Author

Guo Yang


Since the construction of ecological civilization was incorporated into the basic national policy in 2007, the strategic concept of "Building a Beautiful China" has brought new opportunities for the development of ecological aesthetics. In the underdeveloped ancient China, the ecological concept of "harmony between man and nature, obedience to nature" coincides with the low-carbon life we advocate today. Studying the present situation of natural aesthetics and modern ecological aesthetics in the ancient garden concept has a good revelation for our sustainable development, which can not only let us see our own endowments, but also let us see our own limitations. This paper selects some representative viewpoints, analyzes their ecological view and design practice, analyzes their similarities and differences, and discusses how to construct ecological aesthetic values with Chinese characteristics.


Ecological aesthetics; landscape design