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Construction and Representation: Renovation Design of Public Environment Landscape of Traditional Villages in the New Silk Road

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.023


Wang xiaodong

Corresponding Author

Wang xiaodong


In order to meet people's growing demand for a better life and carry forward Chinese nation’s spirit of hard-working and plain-living, and innovative; in order to enhance the sense of belonging and commitment of the people throughout the country, this article takes the traditional villages in the core area of New Silk Road as the basic research object, and bases upon the long history and cultural heritage of the local area, takes the aesthetic cultural thinking mode of the New Silk Road residential building as the theoretical premise, the human settlement environmental science as the main methodology, and the traditional village public environment landscape renovation design as the empirical platform, cross-integrating multi-subjects. The main purpose is to inherit the excellent culture, create a good atmosphere for the community, and maintain social stability and benefit the local people.


Traditional village; environmental landscape; renovation design; theory and practice