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The Problems and the Relevation of Humanity Education in the Career-Oriented Universities in China by Comparing with the Situations in Hong Kong and Taiwan

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.017


I Chung Chang

Corresponding Author

I Chung Chang


Humanity education is not a major focus in the education of many applied universities in Mainland China and thus faces a dilemma that neither the institutes nor students consider humanity education important. This paper will dig up this problem and develop a possible solution by comparing the methods or policies of executing humanity education in the same type of universities in Taiwan and Hong Kong. The methodology is first to revisit the related studies to examine how different humanity education is implemented in these three places and then fathom out a possible pathway for the humanity education in the career-oriented universities in China.


Humanity education; General education; Applied universities; Universities in Hong Kong and Taiwan