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Chinese and American Cultural Conflict and Reconciliation Reflected in The Joy Luck Club

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.015


Cui Xiaoxi

Corresponding Author

Cui Xiaoxi


The Joy Luck Club is Chinese American writer Amy Tan’s most outstanding novel. It is also one of the most important literary works in the history of Chinese American literature. It mainly tells about the stories of two generations of Chinese American women. In this novel, Amy Tan has discussed the issues about Chinese American’s cultural identity, as well as the cultural conflicts and the reconciliation. This paper firstly talks about the cultural background of the development of Chinese culture in American society. Then it analyzes the cultural conflicts and reconciliations reflected in this novel, and it reveals the cultural significance of the stories. It finally draws a conclusion that this novel has provided us with a new vision which can help us to better understand the interrelationship between Chinese and American cultures. With the development of human culture and society, Chinese and American cultures will become more harmonious in the future.


Cultural conflict; cultural reconciliation; The Joy Luck Club