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Intentional or Incidental? ——An Overview of L2 Vocabulary Acquisition

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.014


Li Xie

Corresponding Author

Li Xie


Vocabulary acquisition, a seemingly daunting task at first, can be achieved with diligence, enthusiasm and perseverance on the learners part. The instructor should be well versed with both intentional and incidental means of learning vocabulary, with each playing its proper role at different stages, which can be used in different combinations to maximize learning effects. Drawing references to some of the most important studies undertaken in this field so far, with some of the major pedagogical dilemmas in mind, this paper endeavours to analyze the respective and combined uses of the two approaches to learning L2 English words, along with word-guessing strategies from context. A Chinese learners perspective is considered, and implications are drawn out for EFL teachers and learners.


Vocabulary acquisition; Intentional vocabulary acquisition; Incidental vocabulary acquisition