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Real-time Sound Visualization with Touch OSC: Stimulating Sensibility through rhythm in nature

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.013


Yingdao Jiang, Chaoyu Li and Ziqian Wang

Corresponding Author

Chaoyu Li


Many people today are losing their composure to chase material prosperity. Excessive competition is being caused by people being selfish and they are losing composure that way too. The aim of this study is to make people feel comfortable and enjoy playing touch OSC like an instrument and seeing generated image by the sound that they play. In that sense, there was no implicit principle connecting sound and image. However, harmony of traditional instruments and arts are important elements stimulating Chinese emotion and sensibility. This is to reflect the feeling having a cultural bond of sympathy with the audiences as well. This project was an interactive installation which was used Wi-Fi and iPhone or iPad. The audiences can play the music regardless of location and distance and they can make real-time interactive motion graphic by their playing of music through the Touch OSC. This is a wireless real-time interactive system. This installation would be expanded with VJing, a performance and media exhibition.


Rhythm of Nature; Touch OSC; Interactive Media art; Real-time Sound visualization