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From Correcting Mind to Enhancing Morality, From Eliminating Desires to Realizing Harmony: the Advanced and Practical Path Of Teachers' moral Cultivation

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.012


Jiang Wen

Corresponding Author

Jiang Wen


In order to practice the philosophical thought of "true education", this paper points out that teachers utilize two kinds of self-cultivation thoughts to get advance, in which genuine knowledge is acquired through investigation of things. One is that conscience is acquired through correcting temperament, so as to realize mind correction and morality enhancement, while the other is that eliminating desires can realize harmony and understand things. In the actual process of education and teaching, not afraid of hardships and regardless of pay, teachers’ moral cultivation can be enhanced through cultivating the abilities to “know the heaven”, “keep to the destiny”, “take delight in complying with the destiny” and “coexist in the world”, so that the educational concept of “waking up the soul” can be realized.


Explore things and gain wisdom; Correcting mind and enhancing morality; Eliminating desires and realizing harmony; Teachers' moral cultivation