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How to Choose Celebrity Spokesperson to Improve Customer Satisfaction in the Fast Fashion Industry

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DOI: 10.25236/iclahd.2019.003


Yunke Chen

Corresponding Author

Yunke Chen


Nowadays, as competition in the medium- and low-end market is becoming increasingly fierce, fast fashion brands face more challenges and need to make some changes to highlight their uniqueness and increase sales. It is necessary to shift emphasis from choosing the location and scale of the store and window display to celebrity product endorsement, and analyze how celebrity spokespersons exert a great impact on customer satisfaction. On the basis of Heider’s balance theory, this paper uses the method of theory analysis and induction to put forward the celebrity endorsement strategies from the aspects of consumers, spokespersons and products. The main research conclusion is that fast fashion brands need to select spokespersons not only suitable for the product but also popular among consumers.


Celebrity spokesperson; Heider’s balance theory; Fast fashion; Customer satisfaction