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Community policing construction and development thinking

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.43


Wang Xu

Corresponding Author

Wang Xu


Community policing from the sixties and seventies of the 20th century western the fourth policing revolution, its core idea is the police based on community, geared to the needs of the masses, through close relationship between the people, to strengthen cooperation between the people, to find and solve the problem of community policing. This paper on the basis of the theory of community policing, combined with the actual situation of our country in recent years, the implementation of community policing strategy, organizational behavior, public management, public policy analysis, public economics and human resource management of public management theory as the instruction, to the current situation of the implementation of community policing construction of our country has carried on the comprehensive analysis, especially on the problems existing in the implementation of the construction of police emphasis; On the basis of the analysis, the inductive method, from the organization management, operating mechanism, "community" and the "auxiliary police", to prevent and control crime, police protection and so on six aspects, summary the problems generally exists in the present stage community policing, form of expression; The paper analyzes and points out the causes or constraints of the formation of the problems. Then, on this basis, on how to solve the above problems of community policing has carried on the rational thinking, concrete from six aspects puts forward the basic thinking and countermeasure to solve the problem of it.


Community policing, Construction, Development, Police protection, Rational thinking.