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Research on the cooperative innovation mechanism of agricultural science and technology in Chongqing three gorges reservoir area based on supply-side reform

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.42


Lianming Zhao

Corresponding Author

Lianming Zhao


Agriculture is the basic industry of our country, and the development of agriculture is both economic and political. In the era of the globalization of knowledge economy, innovation has become the source and power of economic growth of various countries in the world. At the same time, the agricultural development and agricultural economic growth were also rely on scientific and technological progress and scientific and technological innovation to improve the quality of agricultural products, improve agricultural production efficiency and realize the product differentiation development of competition as much as possible. At present, China's agricultural development is gradually agricultural economic development is in line with the rest of the world, the government is waning of agricultural trade barriers or disappear, in the agricultural development has entered the production leading the traditional agriculture to technology leading a new stage of modern agricultural transformation this crucial period, an urgent need to deepen and accelerate the reform of agricultural scientific research system, adjusting and optimizing our country agricultural production and rural economic structure, transformation of the mode of agricultural economic growth from extensive management to intensive management, improve the quality of agricultural economic growth and economic efficiency, to accelerate the development of agricultural production the latter quantitative agricultural production, ensure national food security, ecological security and farmers' income. Therefore, agricultural development has raised higher requirements for agricultural scientific and technological progress and agricultural science and technology support.


Supply side redraft, Chongqing three gorges, Agricultural technology, Collaborative innovation, Mechanism.