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Research on Accurate Translation Methods of English Language through Language Analysis

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.046


Qingping Li, Shan Li

Corresponding Author

Qingping Li


The issue of accuracy has always been the major issue in language translation and has plagued all the translators, the traditional Chinese-English translation method generally adopts the grammatical analysis-centered on the translation strategy, this translation strategy has ignores the knowledge layer and pragmatic layer of the language, which leads to the problem of translation distortion. In contrast, the semantic analysis method is based on the grammatical type qualifications, which enhances the qualification conditions for the substitution of variables during translation. Therefore, this paper believes that the accuracy of language translation can be maximized by adopting a semantic analysis templates, as the translation process includes word analysis, grammar analysis stage, semantic analysis stage as well as the tree diagram representation, which can be realizes as the comprehensive and representation of statement semantics to improve on the accuracy of language translation.


Language analysis; language translation; Accuracy