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A Comparative Study on Nonverbal Communication Used by Chinese and English Teachers

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.045


Chuyi Zhu

Corresponding Author

Chuyi Zhu


In this paper, the methods of in-class observation and literature comprehending are used, studying on the impact of body language in middle school English classes from various aspects, hoping to arouse the junior middle school English teachers’ attention for nonverbal communication, especially body language, providing more targeted suggestions for better usages of body language. Chapter 2 systematically discusses the research design, including research objects, research objectives, research methods, explaining the basic information of the observation objects and observation locations. In the third chapter, through the analysis of the English classes from the Chinese and English teachers, the author firstly analyzes their unique effects, then analyzes their problems with independent thinking and the reference to literature. In the last chapter, through the comparative analysis of body language in the teaching process of Chinese and foreign teachers, the author provides suggestions and reflections on the shortcomings of this research.


Chinese and Foreign Teachers; Nonverbal Communication; Body Language; Comparative Study; Influence