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Analysis of the Modern Poet Xu Zhimo's Prose from the Aesthetic Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.044


Yi Zheng

Corresponding Author

Yi Zheng


The unique aesthetic characteristics of the new moon poet Xu Zhimo's poetry works are greatly influenced by Western romantic poetry and the essence of Chinese classical aesthetics. Xu Zhimo consciously carried out the experiment and innovation of poetry form and made the development of new poetry aesthetics. Important contribution. The image world he wrote has romanticism and aestheticism, and is characterized by a combination of imagery. The imaginative beauty he explored in his prose is mainly in the aspect of supplementing feelings, seeing beauty, expanding poetry and transcending the limitations of time and space. His prose, the rich and beautiful style that he is trying to pursue, is rich in "color consciousness flow". Deformed metaphor, illusory absurd description and artistic synesthesia.


Xu Zhimo; Prose; Natural beauty; Feminine; Magnificent; Sad and beautiful