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Research on the Historical Value of Yan Fu's Translation Thoughts from the Perspective of Historical Materials

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.034


Huang Jianjiang

Corresponding Author

Huang Jianjiang


As China's opening up to the outside world continues to accelerate, China's translation work has entered a new era. The research and discussion on translation thought is conducive to promoting the development of Chinese translation industry. On the basis of combing the previous researches on Yan Fu's translation thoughts, this paper analyzes the theoretical basis of historical materials and further explores the origin and intention of Yan Fu's translation thoughts. Finally, based on the perspective of historical materials, the author studies the historical value of Yan Fu's translation thoughts from the perspectives of inheriting the predecessors to inspire the descendants, laying the foundation of translation theory and improving the height of translation thought.


Historical materials; Yan Fu translation thought; Origin; Historical value