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Research on “Control Right” in Civil Aviation Cargo Transportation

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.033


Zhongyi Zhao

Corresponding Author

Zhongyi Zhao


In 2009, the United Nations established the legal system of control over goods transported by sea, which guaranteed the shipper's right to control goods under certain conditions. The “control right” of civil aviation transportation also needs to be guaranteed by system. This is to improve the legal system of civil aviation cargo transport, and to guarantee the control rights of Civil Aviation Cargo shippers over cargo. Civil aviation control right differs from real right, but in terms of subject, cargo control right plays a part of real right. With the continuous development of China's civil aviation cargo industry, China needs to solve the problem of “control right” in civil aviation cargo transportation from both judicial and cubic aspects.


Civil aviation; Freight transportation; Control power; Problem study