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Research on Chinese-English Translation of Xi'an Public Signs from the Perspective of Ecological Translation

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.032


Xie Dan

Corresponding Author

Xie Dan


Xi'an is a representative of the development of Chinese culture and history. Proper translation of Xi'an public signs can help foreign friends better understand Chinese culture and make accurate behavior. The translation quality of Xi'an public signs is not uniform. There are some problems such as errors in spelling and grammar at the linguistic level, ambiguity caused by cultural differences and weak awareness of cross-cultural communication, which have a certain impact on cultural exchanges. Based on this, this paper expounds the theoretical concept of eco-translatology, applies the three-dimensional transformation method of eco -translatology to the translation of public signs, so as to make the translation have the same function as the original in multi dimensions, improve the quality of Chinese-English translation of public signs in Xi'an, and promote the vigorous development of Xi' an' s internationalization.


Eco-translatology; Xi'an public signs; Chinese-English translation; Research