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English Translation Studies under the System of Functional Linguistics

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.031


He Lirong

Corresponding Author

He Lirong


The essence of translation belongs to the conversion of language and words, that is, the use of another language as a carrier of the same meaning. Systemic functional linguistics is a theoretical study of language use. At this stage, the English translation staff is more inclined to theoretical discussion, and it is difficult to replicate and reuse the experience in practical work. Based on this, this paper briefly expounds the concept of systemic functional linguistics, analyzes the problems and shortcomings of English translation research under the current systemic functional linguistics framework, and proposes an effective way to use English functional linguistics for English translation. It is intended to provide practical value for the exploration of language theory in English translation.


Systemic functional linguistics; English translation; Problem analysis; Specific path