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Nature and Unnaturalness: A Two-sided Analysis of Western Drama Literature

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.030


Wang Xiaoxia

Corresponding Author

Wang Xiaoxia


In the long development of western literature, dramatic literature has been juxtaposed with lyric literature and narrative literature in the three major categories of western literature. Dramatic literature has always been critical, so at the end of the story, most of the protagonists end with tragedy. For example, Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet, the representative of western dramatic literature. In addition, Western dramatic literature tends to be abstract in the form of representation, and behind it is often the nature of all human beings. For example, the hypocrite by Moliere, a famous French writer. Careful study of Western drama literature, from the nature and non-nature of characters, time and space, emotions, to explore the connotation and extension of the concept of Western drama literature, experience the strong anti-traditional color brought by the intersection of tragedy and drama.


Naturalness; Unnatural; Occident; Dramatic literature; Duality