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Review on the basic requirements of the basic connotation of academic ethics

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.026


Wu Ziwei

Corresponding Author

Wu Ziwei


Through in-depth analysis of “Several Opinions on Strengthening Academic Morality Construction”, the Ministry of Education attaches great importance to the construction of academic ethics. In the process of academic research, researchers need to adhere to the basic principles of academic ethics, and must study rigorously and be honest and trustworthy. Conduct academic research under the guidance of principles. Academic fraud and other phenomena seriously affect the level of development in the academic world. Researchers should conduct in-depth exploration and cognition of the basic connotations and requirements of academic ethics, better conduct academic research, and purify the academic research environment.


Academic ethics; pursuit of truth; innovative thinking; rigorous study; honest and trustworthy