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Research on the View of Nature in Modern Literary Criticism

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.022


Liu Yufeng

Corresponding Author

Liu Yufeng


In the modern literary criticism, the term “nature” appears very frequently, and the critical concepts contained in the term are also worthy of further study and discussion. First of all, the understanding of nature in the traditional concept of literary criticism is the connotation of the artistic spirit. In the concept of modern literary criticism, the understanding of “nature” is more based on reality, and the rules of literary creation are merged and will not be revealed. The traces of artificial carvings are more natural. In addition, the concept of modern literary criticism in China has been influenced by Western “natural” criticism theories and ideas, which has led to a more biased objective re-exhibition and natural manifestation of nature. Artistic innovation needs to take humanity as the center, which also shows a concept of conversion and nature, or a natural concept that is pinned on life and ideals. Finally, according to the modern literary criticism concept and academic concept, the natural style in the contemporary modern literary creation art is interpreted and understood.


Modern literary criticism; natural view; return to nature; critical standards