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Research on the Principles of Translation Criticism of Children’s Literature under the Guidance of Reception Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.015


Lu Gao

Corresponding Author

Lu Gao


Children’s literature is different from general literature. The translation of children’s literature must take into account the influence of special groups of children’s readers on translation. Reception theory as a research center emphasizes the important role of readers in the “author-work-reader” system. Different from the traditional translation theory that overemphasizes the author and the text, reception theory emphasizes the reader’s status, points out that the reader has the vision of expectation, and the reading process is the process of the fusion of the original vision and the new horizon. Vision has guiding significance for children’s literature translation. This paper explores the principles of translation criticism of children’s literature from the perspective of reception theory.


Reception Theory; Children’s Literature; Translation Criticism