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Study of Subtitle Translation Strategies in Shit My Dad Says From the Perspective of Skopos Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.014


Min Li

Corresponding Author

Min Li


Nowadays, with more and more American TV series and TV programs flooding into China, the subtitle translation of those works has been attached great importance by Chinese scholars in translation. In the process of selecting typical examples in Shit My Dad Says, the author was greatly impressed with subtitle translation Therefore, taking Shit My Dad Says as an example, this paper aims to analyze the various strategies applied in the subtitle translation from the perspective of Skopos Theory, including the strategies of Skopos rule, Coherence rule, fidelity rule, amplication, domestication and dissimilation. Skopos theory just makes people know clearly about what they want to deliver and express. Finally, it is social value that helps audiences learn the native way of speakers and local cultural customs.


Subtitle Translation; Skopos Theory; Shit My Dad Says