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Interactive Design Study of Children's Game Picture Book

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.010


Zhu Yuqing

Corresponding Author

Zhu Yuqing


The existence of picture books can have an important impact on children's growth. The existence of picture books can effectively improve children's reading ability and reading interest, and cultivate their reading habits through picture books. In the process of designing and creating the picture book, the designer should pay attention to the growth characteristics of the preschool children, the interest in the things and the level of cognition. In the children's gamification picture book, the interaction is fully integrated to promote the picture book reading. It can create fun and gameplay, and make the picture book more interesting and educational for children. This paper studies the interactive design of children's gamification books, and fully explores its expressions, techniques and creative methods to ensure the interactiveness of children's gamification books.


Preschool children; gamification picture book; interactive design