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Traditional Chinese Medicine Translation Strategies from the Perspective of Communicative Translation Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/ILECL.2019.007


Xiao Junming

Corresponding Author

Xiao Junming


Traditional Chinese medicine translation, as a branch of science and technology translation, aims to achieve the transmission of information and the realization of functions with correct and concise language, instead of pursuing rhetoric expression with gorgeous and changeable language. Under the guidance of communicative translation theory, the translator can ensure that the target language is well equivalent to the original text through the flexible use of literal translation, translation, free translation and other translation methods. According to the translation theory, the criterion for evaluating translation is no longer “equivalence”, but “appropriateness”, that is, the degree to which the translation meets the translation purpose. In the light of communicative translation theory, through the analysis of the translation of Chinese patent medicine instructions, it is proved that in order to achieve the expected purpose, it is feasible to use free translation, deletion and other strategies in the translation process.


Communicative translation theory; Traditional Chinese medicine; Manual translation