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Research on the Transformation and Innovation of Securities Brokerage Business under the Background of Internet Plus

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.36


Jinjiao Wu

Corresponding Author

Jinjiao Wu


The development of information science and technology has made the Internet a well-known term in the world. In this era of being flooded by the Internet, there is no doubt that there has also been a major shift in all walks of life in our country. Especially for the securities brokerage firms in our country, finding new breakthroughs and directions for transformation is the most important task. This article is based on the Internet + background, securities brokerage business transformation innovation to start a study, respectively, from the Internet Plus background of the securities business transformation of the strategic analysis of the economy began to explore, and then study on the Internet plus securities brokerage business transformation and innovation of countermeasures.


Internet plus background, Securities brokerage business, Transformation innovation research.