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Constructing "Teacher-student Subject-leading" Teaching System for the Ideological and Political Theory

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.063


Lei Zhimin, Mou Qiao

Corresponding Author

Lei Zhimin


The Outline of Modern Chinese History is one of the courses of Marxism theory in colleges and universities, and plays an important role in the healthy growth of college students. According to the orientation of the course, students' ideological status and cognitive level, and the methodology of modern education and teaching, this paper made a practical exploration and theoretical thinking on how to deal with the relationship between teachers' leading role and teachers' main body in classroom teaching practice. It is of practical enlightenment and methodological significance to try to construct a new teaching system of "teacher-student subject-leading".


Ideological and political theory course; teacher-student subject-leading; teaching system