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Research on Segmental Physical Energy Allocation of Swimming Projects

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.055


Meiyu Sun, Mei Wei, Keyi Jin

Corresponding Author

Keyi Jin


Based on the results of collecting the international and domestic influential international and domestic swimming competitions this year, this paper comprehensively analyzes the physical distribution of the world's top athletes and Chinese athletes. Through the results of the winners, the speed coefficient is obtained through a certain form of conversion, and the size of the speed coefficient is used to reflect the characteristics of the athlete's segmented travel physical energy distribution. On this basis, it sums up the tactical application rules of the world's top athletes, and provides detailed swimming part segmented travel physical energy distribution mode, to provide assistance for the improvement of the overall level of swimming in China, and to provide reference for preparing for the Olympic Games.


Segmental Physical Energy; Swimming Project; Energy Allocation Method