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The Bottleneck And Countermeasure Of E-Books Development In Chinese University Libraries

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DOI: 10.25236/iccems.2018.34


Luo Xin

Corresponding Author

Luo Xin


With the rapid development of computer technology, e-books have emerged. Compared with traditional paper books, e-books have the advantages of fast update, short publication cycle and rich content. The library quickly accepted this new thing and developed into the main force of the electronic book consumer market. However, the utilization ratio of electronic books does not match with the money invested in each year, and readers always feel the lack of e-books. This paper discusses the bottleneck and countermeasures of the development and application of electronic books in Chinese university libraries, and hopes to make a contribution to the development of electronic books.


E-books, University library, Digital resources, Resource construction, Electronic resource utilization.