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Study on Optimizing the Input Structure of Higher Education and Improving the Quality of Higher Education in China

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.040


Weiping Che, Jian Xiao, Lina Wang

Corresponding Author

Weiping Che


In recent years, China’s total input in higher education funds has continuously increased, and the sources of input have tended to be diversified. While higher education has achieved a series of achievements, there are still some practical problems such as the increase in student-teacher ratio in colleges and universities, the decrease of every student’s higher education average funding for education, the decrease of some basic conditions that every student has for running a school and so on. These problems make education quality need to be further improved. This paper studies the impact of higher education input and its structure on the quality of higher education, and put forward suggestion to improve the quality of higher education such as optimizing the financial allocation structure for educational funds in colleges and universities, increasing the sources of input in college education funding, coordinating the balanced development of higher education in all regions, reasonably arranging the ratio of students to teachers in colleges and universities, giving play to the role of private higher education schools and so on.


Higher education; educational input structure; quality of education