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Discussion on the Application of Information Technology in Basketball Training

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.018


Hu Yongbo

Corresponding Author

Hu Yongbo


Information technology is deepening, the information age is open in the front, basketball training and information technology are more integrated, applying information technology practice, for basketball training, opening up diversified channels and enriching diversified ideas. In basketball training, how to make information technology comprehensive and fully play its role, it is necessary to carry out practical analysis from the perspective of information technology application path in sports training, to clarify the application significance of information technology in basketball training, enrich the content of sports training, and stimulate The team members train their emotions and improve their comprehensive sports ability, and then focus on their application practice and practical requirements. With the continuous development and innovation of science and technology, human beings are entering an era of intelligent information. Information, materials, and energy are called the three major elements of social development. Information, as one of them, is important. It is self-evident that whoever holds the core scientific and technological information can stand out in the market dispute and occupy the commanding heights. The same is true for basketball training. Advanced and scientific training methods are the key to the core. Who can master the new information technology, and the skills will dominate the competition. Therefore, in basketball training, the application of information technology is crucial to the improvement of basketball technology, and has far-reaching effects.


Basketball; sports training; application information technology; practice