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Research and Analysis on Knee Joint Injury and Rehabilitation of Badminton Players

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.013


Baoqiang Li

Corresponding Author

Baoqiang Li


Badminton is a sport with high physical and technical requirements. The bearing capacity of each joint is limited. When an action exceeds the limit that the body can bear, the body will suffer various acute or chronic injuries. Through investigation, it is found that the probability of knee joint injury of badminton athletes is relatively high. With the continuous popularity and improvement of badminton, knee joint injury has become a psychological obstacle to badminton enthusiasts to play their technical level. In view of the continuous development and improvement of badminton skills and tactics, diversified technical means are also applied to test and guide badminton training. This paper analyzes the causes, types and treatment methods of knee joint sports injuries in badminton, aiming to provide theoretical basis for badminton enthusiasts to prevent and treat sports injuries.


Badminton; Knee joint; Injury