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Discussion on the feasibility of establishing the training base for the aged care service personnel based on the resources of medical colleges

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.012


Yinfeng Xu

Corresponding Author

Yinfeng Xu


The aging of the population has become a major issue that must be seriously dealt with in China's social and economic development. As China's aging degree continues to deepen, the demand for aged services is increasing, but the supply of aged care services is seriously insufficient. Strengthening the construction of skilled personnel in the aged care service industry is an inevitable requirement for implementing the strategy of strengthening the country through talents, and is also an important measure to promote the transformation and upgrading of the aged care service industry. This paper gives an overview of the training model of the old-age service talents of “integration of production and education”, and analyzes the current situation of the cultivation of social pension service talents in China. According to the current needs of different aged care services, combined with the development rules of the aged care service industry, the establishment of life care talents as the main body, medical care talents as the support, outreach service talents as the focus, institutional management talents as the focus, education and training talents In order to guarantee and supplement the talent cultivation system supplemented by policy investment talents, the professionalization of the training of endowment service personnel is realized. At the same time, relying on the resources of medical colleges to build a service network for the aged industry, it is of great significance to meet the growing material and cultural needs of the elderly, expand consumption and promote employment, and promote the development of the cause of aging. The key to the development of healthy aging industry and old-age service industry is talent cultivation. Only a perfect talent training system can ensure the steady development of the aging industry, thus meeting the needs of the society for the aged care service.


Aging society; Old service talent industry training base; Old-age service