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Comparative Analysis of International Sports Dance and Social Dance Based on Network

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.011


Xiaoyan Zhao

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyan Zhao


Sports dance and ballroom dance are popular sports forms by modern people. Sports dance originates from ballroom dance and is the inheritance of ballroom dance. Sports dancing and ballroom dancing are both fashionable international sports with strong vitality. International sport dance is a new sport derived from old friendship dance. After decades of development and evolution, it has developed from folk self-entertainment dance to a highly artistic and skillful performance and competition in contemporary international fashion. International sports dance and social dance are closely linked, but their forms of expression, styles of expression, characteristics and difficulties are quite different. This article makes a comparison between international sports dance and ballroom dance in terms of differences and consistency in their forms, styles, characteristics and difficulties, trying to find out the internal connection and respective characteristics of the two.


Sports Dance; Social Dance; Difference; Consistency