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Research on Technical Characteristics and Special Strength Training of Sports Dance Based on Value Perspective

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DOI: 10.25236/issetc.2019.010


Yueqing Han

Corresponding Author

Yueqing Han


Sports dance is a skill performance sport with technology as the core and strength quality as the guarantee. The combination of sports dance and aesthetics is multi-angle and multi-level. The essence of sports dance is fully displayed in the process of embodying beauty. In sports dance, to grasp the change of rhythm and continuity of movements requires sports dancers to have strong comprehensive sports qualities, of which the most important is special strength. Good strength quality can not only avoid the injuries of dancers in sports and prolong their sports life, but also promote dancers to learn faster, master correct dance techniques and give full play to their technical level in the competition. Based on the value perspective, this paper analyses the technical characteristics of sports dance, summarizes the training methods, means and principles of dance players'special strength.


Value Perspective; Sports Dance; Sports Technology; Strength Training